Happy Pills

Studio M: Happy Pills...  Shop bought drugs that are legally sanctioned by the government. They are a mixture of Candy and Drugs to bring you the happiest possible feeling.
The Packaging and display is jokey, fun and eye catching. 
The store located in Spain, Barcelona Stands out with a Bright Pink Cross wedged in between two buildings.
Some packaging is similar to hospital tablet courses adding to the humour of the product.
Whole Jars can be bought which you fill up from the large pick and Mix selection, because of course you want to be happy while eating your favourite candy... You pick what size 'prescription' you want, then you fill the bottle up to your mood. 'Pink Clouds for Grey Days' and 'Instant Happyness' appeals to me the most, although I'm considering importing the 'Man Flu' flavour in bulk.
 Hopefully this brilliant creation will be brought to the UK. But for now you have to shop online at www.happypills.es which has an english translation and a wide selection of yummy treats.